The Nordic Biogas Conference is held in Linköping, Sweden, 4-5 of October, 2022 with a reception in the evening on the 3rd and study visits on the 6th. It is a great opportunity to meet companies, researchers and public organizations involved in development of biogas solutions in the Nordic countries and beyond.

This is the eigth time the conference will be held. About 400 people will learn about and discuss latest developments in the field of biogas. A special emphasis will be on the role that biogas solutions play in addressing the grand challenges of humanity, thereby increasing the relevance of biogas solutions to a wider audience.

The conference will consist of plenary and parallel sessions with leading representatives from companies, the academy and public organisations, a reception, conference dinner, an exhibition space, research poster conference, vehicle exhibition, study visits and ample opportunities for networking.

We are looking forward to seeing you there.

“The Nordic model for biogas solutions, where the feedstock is waste and the main products are upgraded biomethane and renewable biofertilizer, is gaining momentum and spread around the world, thanks to its potential to solve grand societal challenges. There is a need to better understand and communicate what biogas solutions can do for societies, for instance how they improve climate performance, local environment, strengthen resource efficiency and support more resilient and competitive cities, regions and industries.”

– Professor Mats Eklund, Director of Biogas Research Center.