Linköping and biogas

Linköping is the place to go if you want to learn about the development of biogas solutions in Sweden. Here, the method of digesting sewage sludge has been used since the 1960s.  Linköping had the world’s largest fleet of buses fuelled by biogas and the Swedish Biogas Research Center was founded here in 2012.

The story of biogas solutions in Linköping is born out of the interlinked problems that many Swedish cities faced during the latter part of the 20th century. Without an efficient way of dealing with organic waste, and the air pollution caused by petrol and diesel, the local environment was being degraded.

The two largest municipal companies, Tekniska verken – with responsibility for electricity, waste, wastewater treatment and district heating – and Linköpings Trafik AB – with responsibility for local public transport – were very influential in the early phases of biogas development. Environmental issues were dealt with by the municipal administration. Thus, the energy, the environment and public transport sector were all municipal areas of responsibility, while normally being separately managed. This made it easier to coordinate the biogas value chain and created political unity in Linköping – resulting in investments in the development of biogas solutions. 

Today, the biogas development within the region has expanded and Tekniska verken receives around 100 000 tonnes of organic wastes each year, from which it produces, in Sweden’s largest biogas facility, approximately 120 GWh of biogas-derived energy that can replace 13 million liters of petrol. Digestion residue is converted to biofertiliser that is delivered to many farms nearby.  

Biogas operations provide job opportunities not only for all those who work directly in production at Tekniska verken, but also to those who work with the distribution, sale and transportation of biogas and biofertiliser. The expansion of biogas also gives employment to contractors, electricians, equipment producers, and other suppliers and consultants that build and maintain the facilities and filling stations.  

In Linköping, many people work in spin-off biogas companies, that also operate throughout Sweden and abroad as well as in research and development. The experiences generated through decades of developing the biogas system in Linköping acts as a foundation for the further dissemination of resource efficient biogas solutions.

Cultural study visits in Linköping on the 5th of October 

For all participants that will make the wise decision to stay in Linköping – there will be opportunities for exploration. Two guided tours, the first at Linköping Castle and Cathedral Museum, and the second at Linköping Cathedral will be free of charge for all participants.

Guided tour at Linköping Castle and Cathedral Museum, 5th of October at 18.00 – Limited number of participants! 

An exciting Medieval Museum in central Linköping. See the hidden Bishop tower from the 1200s and Linköping Cathedral’s unique treasures. The museum describes the castle and Linköping Cathedral development from the 1100s up until the Renaissance. 

Linköping Castle and Cathedral Museum is housed in Linköping Castle, which originally was built as a bishop farm, whose oldest parts are from the late 1100’s. Here you can step into Bishop Bengt tower that was built in 1286 and still today remains completely intact in the castle walls. 

The treasure chamber on the second floor, you can see a part of the Cathedral’s stunning silver items and unique textiles. The oldest of which were manufactured by Birgitta sisters in the 1400 and 1500s. Up on the third floor we meet a 1:20 scale model of the castle. 

Guided tour at Linköping Cathedral, 5th of October at 18.00 – Limited number of participants! 

Linköping Cathedral is considered one of Sweden´s most impressive buildings from the medieval period and its magnificent spire is still one of Linköping´s well-known landmarks.  

The cathedral´s history dates back to the 11th century and people have come to worship and pray here ever since. Work on the Cathedral was started in 1230, with the main building being completed in 1520. The belfry and the west façade were added in 1885.The Linköping Cathedral is the seat for the bishop in the Church of Sweden Diocese of Linköping. 

There is of course many more exciting alternatives for exploring the city of Linköping on your own. All the information you will ever need is provided by Visit Linköping.