Avfall Sverige

Avfall Sverige is the Swedish Waste Management and Recycling Association. Our members, the municipalities and municipal companies, ensure that waste is collected and recycled in all Swedish municipalities. We perform our work on behalf of society: in an environmentally sound, sustainable and long-term manner. Our vision is “Zero Waste”. We are taking action to minimise waste, promote reuse and ensure that the waste produced is recycled, recovered and managed in the optimal manner. Municipalities and their enterprises are the ambassadors, catalysts and guarantors of this change.

Swedish Gas Association

Swedish Gas Association/Energigas Sverige is a member-funded, industry association dedicated to promoting a greater use of gas and an increasing use of renewable gases in accordance with our roadmap. We work towards a safe, environmentally responsible and efficient utilization of gas and acts as a voice for all gases where safety, technical matters, marketing and advocacy are key elements. Biogas, natural gas, hydrogen, vehicle gas and LPG are gases used in the energy sector. These gases are clean and efficient. They reduce climate emissions, improve air quality and are good alternatives to oil-based products for both the industry, heat and power, and in the transport sector including shipping. The gases are a natural part of the sustainable society and contribute to efficient energy utilization, more jobs and a cleaner environment.

Biogass Norge

The Norwegian Biogas Association is representing the Norwegian Biogas Industry. Members are companies from the whole value chain, including counties and the Norwegian Farmers Association. Håvard Wollan from Biokraft is chairman of the board. The Norwegian Biogas Association are members of EBA and WBA.

Finnish Biocycle and Biogas Association

Finnish Biocycle and Biogas Association is a non-governmental organization of companies, individuals and associations with interest in the biogas field and nutrient recycling. We promote the use and development of biogas and organic fertilizers in Finland. We want to influence the positive development of the biogas sector by taking part in the national and EU-level legislative development, by participating in the public discussions and by providing information.

Biogas Danmark

Biogas Danmark is the industry organization for everyone with an interest in the production, distribution and use of biogas as well as the circular economy. This applies to biogas plants and suppliers of biomass, technology, service, consulting and financial solutions. Our over 180 members are representing 90 % of the biogasproduktion in Danmark. We work for the entire biogas value chain, which includes everything from recycling of manure and organic residues from agriculture, households and industry to the production and use of biogas and green manure.


SORPA is a intercommunity waste management company owned by the six municipalities in the capital area, where of Reykjavik City owns the largest part.  SORPA operates a receiving station,  a landfill, a second hand shop with used household goods (“The Good Shepherd”) where benefits go to charity, 6 recycling stations and around 100 drop-off containers for recyclables in the capital area.  SORPA has extracted landfill gas from the landfill since 1996 and upgraded to vehicle fuel since 2001. .


Biogas Solutions Research Center

BRC is a national center for industrially and socially motivated research on and development of biogas solutions. BRC is financed to one third by the Swedish Energy Agency, one third by the academic parties Linköping University and SLU and one third by the participating parties from business and the public sector. Participants from business and the public sector contribute not only with funding in the form of money, but also with a large investment of time and commitment. They actively participate in the research activities and have the opportunity both to influence the activities and to use the results commercially. Communication, networking, education and internationalization are tools for achieving the centre’s vision, strategy and goals of realizing the sustainability potential of biogas solutions.