Nordic Biogas Conference 2024
Venue: Aalborg Congress and Cultural Center

Preliminary Program, Tuesday 22nd of October 2024

Preliminary Program, Wednesday 23rd of October 2024

Program for Study Tours, Thursday 24th of October 2024

Study Tour No 1: Rybjerg Biogas, Foulum Research Biogas Plant
Topics: Biogas production, solid feedstock (grass and deep litter), separation of digestate with recirculation of fibers, biorefinery and biogas production.

Study Tour No 2: Vrejlev Biogas, Agri Energy, Grøn Gas Hjørring, Green Port Scandinavia
Topics: Biogas production, pipeline logistics for livestock manure and digestate, two full scale pyrolysis/biochar plants, green hydrogen production with injection in digesters, liquefaction of bio- and elektromethane, and plans for CO2-transport and storage.

Study Tour No 3: Agri Energy, Sindal Biogas, Gemidan Ecogy Waste Recycling
Topics: Biogas production, full scale Pyrolysis/biochar, high dry matter feedstock, dialogue and good relations to the local community, advanced food waste pretreatment.