Venue: Linköping Concert & Congress Hall

3rd of October

18.00 Registration opens
19.00 – 21.00 Welcome Reception 

During the reception you will enjoy a dinner buffet and be welcomed by Mats Eklund, the director of Biogas Solutions Research Center, Lars Vikinge, the mayor og Linköping, and Charlotta Sund, the CEO and President at Tekniska verken i Linköping.

4th of October

08.00 Registration opens
Conference Day 1
09.00 – 17.15 Plenary and parallel sessions (see more info about sessions and speakers below)
09.00 – 17.15 Exhibition and Poster conference 
10.00 – 18.00 Vehicle exhibition
18.30 – 00.00 Conference Dinner

Starting with a mingle followed by a three course dinner with our special guest Nils van der Poel, an OG Hero (visit OG Clean Fuels for more info about their OG Hero). After the dinner there will be a live band and more time for relaxed networking.

5th of October

08.00 Registration opens
Conference Day 2
09.00 – 17.00 Plenary and parallel sessions (see more info about sessions and speakers below)
09.00 – 15.30 Exhibition and Poster conference 
17.15 and 18:00 Guided tours in Linköping – Limited number of participants!

6th of October

Study visits – Limited number of participants! 
More information: Study visits

Nordic Biogas Conference includes plenary presentations and parallel sessions with leading representatives from companies, the academy and public organisations, a poster conference and an exhibition.  NBC provides the opportunity to meet the decision-makers in the biogas industry, exchange best practice-information on production, distribution and utilization of biogas and biofertilizer in the Nordic countries, enhance cooperation and establish new business relationships. 

Plenary and parallel sessions during Conference day 1

Plenary 1: Reaching the sustainable development goals – the role of biogas solutions​

09.00 - 10.30 in Crusellhallen

Learn more about how companies and cities see the role of biogas solutions in the sustainability transition but also the status of biogas production and use in the Nordics and what the future potential could be. Meet the organizers of the conference and hear about their expectations.


Mika Viljanen, Gasum; Anna Thore, City of Kalmar; Bruno Sander Nielsen, Biogas Danmark; Axel Lindfors, Linköping University (LiU)/Biogas Solutions Research Center (BSRC); Mats Eklund, LiU/BSRC, (Moderator); Maria Malmkvist, Energigas Sverige (The Swedish Gas Association); Caroline Steinwig, Avfall Sverige (The Swedish Waste Management and Recycling Association); Anna Virolainen-Hynnä, Finnish Biocycle and Biogas Association; Jens Måge, Avfall Norge; Gunnar Dofri Ólafsson, SORPA

Session 2A: Sustainable agriculture and food strategies​

11.00-12.30 in Crusellhallen

The agricultural sector holds a great potential for increased biogas production. Simultaneously, the climate footprint of many food supply chains can be radically improved by biogas solutions. How can this potential be realized?


Bruno Sander Nielsen, Biogas Danmark (Moderator); Matilda Olstorpe, Biototal och Genevieve Metson, Linköping University; Thomas Prade, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences/BSRC; Karl Jørgen Nielsen, PlanEnergi

Session 2B: More biogas and new products – the future of biogas processes?​

11.00-12.30 in Musikalen

This session will include reports from research and development about accessing more substrate and how to produce more gas as well as new and future products from biogas processes. Includes presentations from research and industry on innovative co-digestion, production of chemicals, hydrogen, carbon dioxide.


Frank Scholwin, Institut für Biogas (Moderator); Emma Kreuger, Lund University; Anna Schnürer, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences/BSRC; Stig Amdam, Hyperthermics; Sandra Esteves, University of South Wales; Jan Moestedt, Tekniska Verken

Session 3A: The interplay between biogas solutions and cross-sector collaboration

13.45-15.00 in Crusellhallen

This session will illustrate how biogas solutions rely on and can contribute to cross-sector collaboration and its effects in terms of biogas production, water cleaning and nutrient recovery. Further, it will also shed light on important factors that influence the development of cross-sector collaboration.​ Four different industrial collaboration cases from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark will be described and provide food for thought on the topic.


Murat Mirata, LiU/BSRC (Moderator); Bengt Gunnarsson, Renahav and Smögenlax; Håvard Wollan, Biokraft; Mika Kallio, One1; Jakob Hebsgaard Mogensen, Greenlab Skive​

Session 3B: International dissemination of biogas systems solutions​​

13.45-15.00 in Musikalen

In this session, knowledge will be shared on how to increase the dissemination of biogas systems solutions globally and how to collaborate to facilitate increased export of such solutions.​ Presentations include strategies for expansion of biogas systems in international markets, experiences from research and governmental promotion followed by a panel discussion.


Olof Hjelm, LiU/BSRC (Moderator); Lasse Bork Schmidt, Nature Energy; Wisdom Kanda, LiU/BSRC; Hanna Zanatta, LiU/BSRC; Aditi Bhasin, IVL/Smart City Sweden; Bruno Sander Nielsen, Biogas Danmark

Plenary 4: A resilient, circular and biobased economy

16.15-17.15 in Crusellhallen

This session will highlight the key roles of biogas in the circular economy combining a carbon efficient food supply and waste handling with a stable, sustainable energy system.


Jan Liebetrau, Rytec and IEA Task 37 (Moderator); Henrik Wenzel, University of Southern Denmark; Jörgen Ejlertsson, Scandinavian Biogas Fuels

Plenary and parallel sessions during Conference day 2

Plenary 5: Biogas solutions and climate mitigation​

09.00-10.30 in Crusellhallen

Content includes the complex challenge of climate mitigation and humanities capacity to govern such processes​ but also aims at demonstrating the large climate mitigation potential of biogas solutions in the bioeconomy as well as reflecting on institutional conditions within EU to realize the large climate mitigation potential.​


Mats Eklund, LiU/BSRC (Moderator); Mathias Fridahl, LiU; David Bastviken, LiU; Hans Kreisel, Nordion; Kari-Anne Lyng, NORSUS; Lorie Hamelin, INSA Toulouse; Björn Fredriksson Möller, St1

Session 6A: Nutrient and energy recovery from industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants

11.00-12.30 in Crusellhallen

Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment holds a great potential for biogas production and nutrient recovery. Nordic and European perspectives on trends and institutional conditions will be presented together with success stories from municipal and industrial plants in Sweden, Finland and Norway.


Jens Måge, Avfall Norge (Moderator); Anders Finnson, Swedish Water; Bertrand Vallet, EurEau; Ragnhild Borchgrevink, VEAS; Erik Woode, Gasum; Maria Valtari, Helsinki Region Environmental Services HSY​

Session 6B: Fossil-free transport

11.00-12.30 in Musikalen

In this session you will encounter a variety of actors involved in using biomethane in the transition to fossil-free transport on land and at sea. Presentations include policy perspectives from national and EU levels as well as input from producers of biomethane, vehicle manufacturers and the shipping sector.


Anna Virolainen-Hynnä, Finnish Biocycle and Biogas Association (Moderator); Anna Venturini, European Biogas Association; Tuuli Ojala, Finnish Ministry of Communication and Transport; Martti Surakka, AFRY; Sharareh Edström, Gasum; Lars Mårtensson, Volvo Truck Corporation; Mats Björkendahl, Finnish Shipowners’ Association

Session 7A: Waste management challenges and opportunities in the circular economy

13.30-15.00 in Crusellhallen

The session will contain of practical challenges on meeting food waste collection, success stories and outlook at innovation and technology covered in a panel discussion between CEOs of the Nordic waste management associations as well as presentations from Norway and Iceland.


Caroline Steinwig, Avfall Sverige (The Swedish Waste Management and Recycling Association (Moderator); Vanya Veras, MWE; Tony Clark, Avfall Sverige; Jutta Laine-Ylijoki, KIVO; Ole Morten Petersen, Dakofa; Kåre Fostervold, Avfall Norge​; Jón Viggó Gunnarsson and Gunnar Dofri Ólafsson, SORPA​; Ketil Stoknes, Lindum; Jens Måge, Avfall Norge

Session 7B: How can biogas solutions make industry fossil-free? ​

13.30-15.00 in Musikalen

Biogas is a key solution to reach climate and environmental goals for many industries. In this session we will hear about gas market perspectives and development as well as challenges and opportunities encountered in industrial case stories.


Maria Malmkvist, Energigas Sverige (The Swedish Gas Association, Moderator); Leena Helminen, Valio; Håkan Kihlberg, Perstorp; Henrik Rådberg, Preem; Anker Blom Nielsen, Rockwool

Plenary 8: Policy to facilitate the biogas sustainability transition​

15.30-17.00 in Crusellhallen

The last session will provide an overview of policy conditions for biogas development in EU and the Nordic countries through presentations and a panel discussion with representatives from different associations. Industry actors will also provide their view on the conditions for expanding the sector in relation to meet societal needs and goals.


Maria Malmkvist, Energigas Sverige (The Swedish Gas Association, Moderator); Giulia Cancian, European Biogas Association; Gunnar Dofri Ólafsson, SORPA; Jens Måge, Avfall Norge; Anna Wallentin, Energigas Sverige; Anna Virolainen-Hynnä, Finnish Biocycle and Biogas Association; Bruno Sander Nielsen, Biogas Danmark; Anna Lövsén, Tekniska verken; Michael Olausson, Scandinavian Biogas Fuels; Johan Englund, Gasum

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