The Gemidan Group pre-treats packaged organic waste and food waste. Gemidan is an innovative and nationwide waste management company that optimizes resource utilization in waste streams from municipalities, industry, and businesses across the Nordics. Gemidan Ecogi, a part of the group, sells and delivers Ecogi plants for the optimal pre-treatment of organic waste for wet anaerobic digestion, primarily in biogas plants. The Ecogi plant is flexible towards different packaging materials and robust against foreign objects, producing a very high-purity pulp, which can be used as a biofertilizer following the anaerobic digestion process. This high-purity output also helps biogas plants ensure a higher green gas yield. Presently, Gemidan operates four Ecogi pre-treatment plants in Denmark.


Biobag brings to market compostable and biodegradable products for waste management, food services, retail, industrial applications, agriculture, and any industry that, like us, wants to do better by the environment. Biobag offers an environmentally beneficial alternative to conventional plastic bags. Our bags, sacks, and liners become a natural part of the organic waste they collect, ensuring no persistent microplastic pollution in the biomass and fields. They are suitable for biogas production and composting.

BPC Instruments is a global Swedish-based technology company developing and offering analytical instruments enabling more efficient, reliable, and higher quality research and analysis for industries in renewable energy and environmental biotechnology. The result is higher accuracy and precision, but also significant reductions in time consumption and labour requirement. The BPC Instruments innovative products offer high quality hardware and software. BPC is listed on the Spotlight stock market in Sweden.

Cellwood Machinery develops, manufactures, and markets machines for the pulp and paper industry and the bioenergy industry.
Equipment for pre-treatment of organic waste: HC-pulper and reject separator for dissolving of organic waste and separation of reject. High-Density Cleaner for effective separation of high-density rejects as sand, glass, etc. from the substrate.

INNIO Group is a leading energy solution and service provider that empowers industries and communities to make sustainable energy work today. With its Jenbacher and Waukesha product brands and its AI-powered myPlant digital platform, INNIO Group offers innovative solutions for the power generation and compression segments that help industries and communities generate and manage energy sustainably. INNIO Group is headquartered in Jenbach (Austria), with other primary operations in Waukesha (Wisconsin, U.S.) and Welland (Ontario, Canada). INNIO on X and on LinkedIn.

Lind Jensen Biogas – Highest quality equipment for handling biomassExcellent operational life and long service intervals. All of our products for the biogas sector are designed to keep the media in motion with the lowest possible energy consumption. Either to avoid sedimentation or to ensure optimal involvement of biomass and so optimum gas production. At the same time, our products distinguish themselves with excellent operational life and long service intervals. These product lines are manufactured and marketed in their own autonomous departments and the company employs more than 275 employees in offices in Denmark, China, India, and the USA.

NISSEN energy – your partner for sustainable energy. NISSEN energy provides services and products that ensure an economically beneficial production of sustainable energy. NISSEN energy is an integrator of technologies for efficient utilization of biogas. We deliver customized solutions designed for many years of efficient operation.


  • Gas upgrading plants
  • CHP gas engines
  • Gas treatment plants (activated carbon)
  • Boiler systems for biogas and natural gas
  • Biogas flares
  • Gas storages

SkyClean is a versatile biomass-to-energy platform using state of the art pyrolysis technology. SkyClean plants turn organic by-products from agriculture, biogas plants and industry into two value streams, each with its own market value and climate impact:

  • Bioenergy in the form of gas or bio-oil.
  • Biochar for carbon capture and storage, which can be applied to farmland as fertilizer and for soil amelioration.  

A turnkey SkyClean plant can reduce CO2 emissions by 42,000 tons annually.