The theme for the Nordic Biogas Conference 2022 is the Nordic model for biogas solutions. Biogas solutions according to the Nordic model can solve many of humanity’s grand challenges, but that capacity is largely unknown. The model has gained attention in recent years and is now ready to be established on an international stage. In this conference you will hear more about the ability of biogas solutions to address pressing issues like:

Climate change is a pressing concern and Nordic model biogas solutions address it in many ways simultaneously. Biomethane and biofertilizer substitute fossil fuels and nutrients strengthen climate performance. Avoided methane emissions from organic waste and manure together with soil carbon build-up make it possible to achieve negative climate emissions.

Air pollution can be mitigated by biogas solutions and reduced from landfills and transport. Biomethane is a clean fuel making it simple to meet highest emission standards without advanced cleaning equipment.

Globally, waste amounts keep on growing and is mostly landfilled creating huge problems related to sanitation, air and water pollution. Organic waste should not end up in a landfill but instead be digested to extract energy and return nutrients and carbon back to soil.

Soil fertility is a crucial asset. Addition of biofertilizer adds macro- and micronutrients as well as stabilized carbon improving soils for food production.

Clean water is another of the grand challenges where biogas solutions are a part of municipal and industrial wastewater cleaning systems. Anaerobic water treatment adds energy as a by-product to the water cleaning processes.

Local and regional development is strengthened by occurrence of biogas solutions through more and green jobs, increased gross regional product and improved resilience.

In a largely globalized economy, strengthened local and regional capacities provided by biogas solutions create improved food and energy security and better ability to meet different crisis.

A fossil-based, linear economy needs to be replaced by a circular and biobased one. To make it sustainable, biogas solutions are needed, not least to supply nutrients for biomass production.

Of course, there are many other sector challenges where the Nordic model for biogas can contribute like for instance in the transition to fossil-free transport and fossil-free industry.

Photo credit: Tekniska Verken.