Linköping stands host to the Nordic Biogas Conference 2022 after its long and successful biogas history that have led to the presence of three of Sweden’ largest biogas producers: Tekniska Verken, Gasum and Scandinavian Biogas. Through Tekniska Verkens activities’ the whole supply chain is present. The city also has a long research tradition in anaerobic digestion at Linköping University which broadened to systems and societal research in Biogas Solutions Research Center. It is simply a biogas hotspot.

How to get here:

Linköping is strategically situated next to highway E4 and the main railway between Malmö and Stockholm.

  • Direct train connections from Kastrup airport (4 hours) and Arlanda airport (2-2.5 hours) and Stockholm city (1,5-2h).
  • Oslo 7 hours with biogas bus to Stockholm, direct train from Stockholm (1,5-2 hours)
  • Flight connection with Amsterdam (KLM) to Linköping city airport (< 2 hours)

Visit Linköping provides more detailed information.